Mission Statement

Hope Always is committed to improving the lives of Children with Disabilities/Special Needs in Uganda and Africa through Education, Health and Rehabilitation Services, Nutrition, Recreation, Compassion, Advocacy and support to families of Children with Disabilities.

Our Values

Hope Always is guided by Christian Principals while serving Children and Families of all religions.

We believe that every child is a child of God and deserves to be loved and cared for. Children with Disabilities should have access to Education. They should be valued members of the community and they should receive the health care they need to thrive. Jesus is clear in his teachings that we are to reach out to others in need. Some scriptures that guide our work include:  Matthew 25:34-40

Fundraiser Projects

This is one of Hope Always fundraiser projects. We sell these delicious cupcakes to raise funds for the construction of the Uganda Center For Children With Disabilities/Special Needs.

Cupcake Fundraiser

Ronald decided to register the organization with the Uganda National NGO Bureau as a full Non Government Organization. On 22 August 2014, the Organization received its certificate of registration as a full Non Government Organization in The Name of HOPE ALWAYS.

The organization is now composed of a committed board of Directors, staff and volunteers with a common goal of creating a difference in lives of the innocent Children with Disabilities who are looked at as outcasts in Africa.

Hope Always team is working passionately and tirelessly to change the society’s attitude towards Children with Disabilities and also to see that Children with Disabilities/Special Needs in Uganda and Africa are fully empowered to be able to live an independent meaningful life where they be able to support themselves and those around them.

Upcoming Events

Hope Always (NGO) Executive Director, Mr. Ronald Sekitoleko, after his East Africa cycling tour in the Countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya, has been invited to participate in Cheaha Challenge Grand Fondo cycling in the State of Alabama, USA.

Cheaha Challenge

Mr. Ronald Sekitoleko the Executive Director of Hope Always (NGO), has this year 2019 been invited by Anniston Noon Rotary Club in Anniston, Alabama USA, to give a key note Speech about his organization’s work of empowering Children with Disabilities in Uganda, East Africa and Africa.

Anniston Noon Rotary Club